About Us

‘Vikasit’, in not an adjective only; it’s shift of a paradigm; an aspiration, a class that all aspire to be in.

Just one thing to note! This shift does not happen by chance or luck! It calls for preparation. Preparation in all possible spheres of life; Education is the basis of which. Education is the foundation that keeps one steady and grounded in the face of all happenings in life. Education helps one to contribute to the community and thereby elevating oneself materially, mentally and spiritually.

‘Vikasit’ was initiated as a vehicle to that journey. At ‘Vikasit’ we understand the importance of Education being righteous and joyful. All our ethos are build around making this journey, a beautiful experience for the child.

Vikas Agarwal, our promoter, enjoys to just be a part of this journey of the child by being a contributory co-passenger. He is driven by the future. His passion for work is so infectious that it energises his whole team to give that extra in R & D, Product Development, Printing & Material. And it shows.

In no time Vikasit has achieved so much, that is an aspiration for its contemporaries. His team includes a strong Advisory panel headed by Prof. V. K. Agarwal (retired from Kurukshetra University) who is into the education industry for the last 38 years. He is well supported by Mr. Ankit Agarwal (IIM, Indore), Mr. Saurabh Sharma (IIM Lucknow), Mr. Aditya Mittal (IIM, Kolkata) and Mr. Anuj Mittal (FMS, New Delhi), all experts in their fields.

Books at Vikasit, are carefully crafted to follow CBSE pattern strictly. 

Right now Vikasit operates in six states of North India including Delhi NCR, Haryana, Rajasthan, U.P., Punjab and Himachal Pradesh. But as we are growing at the Rocket pace, we will cover whole of India within next two years. 

Come join us in our journey, we assure you will love the experience.